• Marilla Kay

A Favorite Coffee Shop in Turkey

I lived overseas for two years and have had the opportunity to visit coffee shops in countless cities, throughout the US, Europe, and the Near East in the last couple of years. While not a total coffee snob, I really value third wave and independent coffee shops. Years ago, I used to drink Starbucks on the daily, but these days, it really is my last resort!

Besides my husband's shop, one of my very favorite coffee shops is a popular little coffee shop called 'Kakule' in the downtown area of Ankara, the capitol city of Turkey. Kakule means cardamom in Turkish and is nod to the spice that Turks often add when preparing their famous Turkish coffee.

This little shop serves both Turkish tea (çay) and coffee, as well as typical espresso drinks like cappuccinos and lattes.

The coffee shop is full of little knickknacks: handmade post cards, coffee cups, and pins. Antiques pepper all the available space, and touches like bright yellow paint, twinkle lights in the front window, and plants on the tables help to make the coffee drinker feel right at home.

If you have the chance, Kakule Kafe is definitely worth the visit!

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