• Marilla Kay

Custom Photo Editing for Business Branding Photography | Albany, Oregon

Have you ever scheduled a photography session and loved the experience? You liked the photographer and were so excited to see your photos, but when you received the gallery, your stomach dropped a little? Maybe their work was amazing, but it didn't seem to fit your style or you simply got something entirely different than you expected?

That’s what I’m here to fix!

Your branding photos are meant to be customized for the needs of your business. These images are here to serve you and your brand and so I am also here to serve you and customize my edits to the best of my ability!

During our consultation, I generally ask what style of photos you gravitate towards and we’ll talk about how your brand feels and looks.

At your session, I will make recommendations based on the best lighting for your business’s photos and do my best to style your images so that they reflect your visual brand.

Following the shoot, I’ll send a sneak peek within a week. This is your chance to tell me how you feel about the edits I’ve customized for you! I’ve had clients ask me to go in an entirely different directions than my original edits and that is 100% fine.

If you request changes, we will email back and forth until you approve the edits on your sneak peeks and I’ll edit your gallery in that style.

Then voila, a full gallery of photos customized for your business!

Throughout the entire process, I am available to answer any questions you have along the way!

I love to hear from you and always would be happy to hear what you think.

If you’d like to hear more about customized photos for your business, schedule your free consultation today.

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