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Three Tips for How To Photograph Your Own Products | Oregon Branding Photographer


Do you struggle to take pictures of your products that feel professional?

Everywhere you look, you see incredible styled product photos, but you can't seem to take the same kind of photos.

Well, I'm here to help! I want you to feel confident in your business AND especially in your marketing imagery and guess what? Photos are my expertise! I have three tips to help you rethink how to photograph your products to stand out online.


1: My favorite tip is to add someone's hand in the shot!

Having someone holding or using your product is an easy way to add a human element to your images. When potential customers see someone else interacting with your product, they're far more likely to feel connected to it. Grab a friend or set your camera on a timer and take a quick product photo that's guaranteed to stop their scroll!


2: Add texture into your shot.

You can do this in a few different ways:

a: Choose a textured background for your photo. It could be anything: a kitchen towel, an old curtain, a firm sofa cushion. The photo below was photographed on a decorative pillow!

b: Introduce other items into the background: A textured scarf, a wooden coaster, etc.


3: Turn off the Lights and Open Your Curtains

Unless your product glows in the dark, natural light is your best friend! Set your products on a table or the floor near a window and make sure not to block the window light with your body while taking photos. Ideally, you would be standing next to the window or facing the window above or level with your products.

Grab your products and a few items from around your office or house and get to shooting a fantastic product photo!


Need any more help with product photography? I'm happy to chat!

Reach out at hello@marillakayphoto.com!

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